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“How To Be Outrageously Successful In Your Relationships With The Opposite Sex”

(Even if you’re Ugly and BROKE . . .)

Timeless, but UPDATED for 2018!

NOTE: This is NOT a pick-up guide!

THIS AMAZING SECRET will empower you to get anyone to fall in love with you in just minutes

The secret other men and women would kill for . . .

Now here’s the thing. Most people would rather die than think, right? But you’re different, I know, because you’re reading this now, and that’s more than 99 percent of all the other people on the planet will ever do. So I’m asking you to think for a few moments. Ready? Good.

What do you think is the most important thing you need from a guy or a girl that you want to date?

* Do you want them to LIKE you?
* Do you want them to like what you’re saying?
* Do you want them to like the stories you tell them?
* Do you want them to like your sense of humour?

If you’re a guy looking to date a certain girl –

* Do you want her to like your good looks?
* Do you want her to like your muscles?
* Do you want her to like your car?
* Do you want her to be impressed with how much money you have?
* Do you want her to be impressed with the sports you play or the teams you support?
* Do you want her to be impressed with the kind of job or business you have?

Or if you’re a girl looking to date a guy you fancy –

* Do you want him to like the way you look – how pretty you are?
* Do you want him to love your sexy look or perfume?
* Are you looking to blow him away with your range of designer clothes or accessories?
* Would you try to impress him with how many friends you have, or with your sexy giggle?
* Or maybe you’d try to win him with your “rebel” persona, your pouting expression, defiant attitude and carefully unkempt (“what you gonna do about it, mista?”) hair?


Well, I’m not saying none of these things are any good. All of them work to some extent from time to time, but the fact is that most guys and gals fall into that trap, and most of us, let’s face it, up to now have more often failed than succeeded in dating a really desirable partner.

We put up with an awful lot, because we got it wrong at the very beginning, and this secret will let you avoid all that by getting you the guy or girl you’re gonna be sooo happy with. (And – just as important – they’re gonna be happy too!)

(Don’t you think this secret is worth a million pounds already?)

Now let’s sweep away all that nonsense, because, you know what?

Guys – the gal you’re trying to impress doesn’t really give a monkey’s about . . .

* your muscles,
* how much money you have,
* how many mates you have,
* the sports you play,
* the teams you support, (yawn . . . see what I mean?). She’s not even that bothered about whether you’re handsome or ugly (how often have you seen beautiful women with ugly, broke men? Too often, eh?)

Point made.

And gals – I’m sorry to say this, but the guy you’re eyeing probably doesn’t care much about . . .

* your good looks, (no, really! – but keep looking good all the same;)
* your expensive outfit,
* your sexy lips,
* your top designer handbag,
* how many friends you have,
* your daring, reckless manner,
* etc. . . .

Because (and this is for both you guys and gals) . . .

There’s only one thing that you need to score on, and it’s THIS.


find love It’s how they are FEELING when they’re with you!

Yep – that’s all that counts.

So there it is.

All you have to do is to make sure they feel good when they’re with you.

Feel good about what?

About THEMSELVES, of course!

I bet you’ve never been told any of this before. Not by all the
so-called experts on human relationships, selling expensive courses and books, DVDs and videos that cost an arm and a leg, nor by any of the hoity-toity university professors with their degrees in human
psychology (but can’t understand the bleedin’ obvious).

So guys, how do you make your gal feel good about herself? (Don’t worry gals, I’m comin’ to you in a minute.)

You make your gal feel good about herself by focusing on HER.

Not on you, you pillock!

On HER, and her alone.


Because she is, right? After your mom, anyway. (Okay, maybe it’s a tie.)

Get me?

You steer the conversation so it’s all about her – what her aspirations and hopes are, what her fears and problems are, where she lives, how she gets on with her parents, what job she has or what course she’s on, what brothers or sisters she has, where she goes on vacation, what music she likes, what her achievements are . . .

And on and on . . .

Do you get it?

Smile and look into her eyes frequently. Nod your head in encouragement. You’ll know instinctively what she likes and doesn’t like.

After a few minutes, she’ll have talked about herself so much she’ll think you’re absolutely wonderful. And she’ll be at least halfway to falling in love with you already.

She’ll be telling everyone she had such a wonderful time talking with you (she’ll forget she did all the talking, you did all the listening, but that’s okay, right?).

People LOVE talking about themselves.

All people, of course, not just girls.

We ALL love it, don’t we? Be honest. You love talking about yourself to your mates or whoever. Just resist the urge with your girl, because there’s nothing that’ll put her off you faster than a rat up a drainpipe than to hear you going on about yourself, your job, your brother, your favourite sports team . . . (yawn . . . see what I mean?)

And don’t stop there!

Make sure she knows you LOVE hearing her talk all about herself. Ask questions whenever she pauses or loses her way. Even if she’s not much of a talker, she’ll open up and before you know it she’ll have told you her life story.

But don’t ask “closed” questions, that is, questions that can be answered with a straight “yes” or “no”. Talk about conversation killer! Make sure she can only answer them by talking about herself. All this may need a little practice before you become really expert at it, but you’ll soon learn.

And LISTEN to her when she’s talking, baby!

What’s that? You’re ten feet away from a stage where a wannabe band is belting out 140 decibels? Get her moved to somewhere you can hear each other speak. And quick!

Oh, and another thing – Remember Her Name!

I repeat – Remember Her Name! In CAPITALS, now!


And let her know you APPRECIATE her. Not by telling her direct, of course, but by all your little looks and actions when you’re with her, by making it obvious you’re having a GREAT time with her.

Get to know what she likes and what she doesn’t. Most women enjoy being treated like royalty, so do it. Take her coat for her, open the door for her, lift her chair when she gets up from the table, and all that jazz. Okay, maybe it’s old fashioned, but . . .


And you know what?

If you can do all that, she’ll feel like she’s known you for years, and . . .

She’ll LOVE it.

And before long, she’ll love you too.

You see, every woman has a kind of button (not THAT one, you fool!) that’s called the “MMFG-AM” button. And if you can press that button then you’re just about home and dry. She’ll consider you and her to be an item.

And that “MMFG-AM” button stands for –

“Make Me Feel Good – About Myself”.

Note that I said “About Myself”! Don’t just get her feeling good about you.

Thousands of guys make that mistake. They get their girl thinking they’re wonderful. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But it’s not enough. She has to feel wonderful ABOUT HERSELF, not about you!

Okay, she can feel wonderful about you AS WELL as about herself. But the vital thing is to make her feel wonderful about herself. Right?

So make her feel good about herself every time she thinks about you, and all the time she’s with you. Make her long for you when you’re not there. It’s so easy, as long as you remember this little secret – focus on HER, and not yourself. It’s all about HER, remember?

And one last thing. DON’T get all over her physically as soon as you’ve introduced yourself. Not even if she’s giving all the “come-on” signals. Exercise iron restraint, if necessary, at all costs.

Why? Because you want her to ache for you, to pine for you, so much that she can’t stop thinking about you, can’t even live without you. If she thinks she can have you any time she wants she won’t appreciate you. She’ll probably forget you by the next day.

But if you make yourself different from all the other fellas, like the “forbidden fruit”, the grass on the other side of the fence, she’ll want you more than ever, and when it does happen she’ll want you so much she won’t even think of looking at any other guy.

Phew! Let’s hope I’ve rammed the message home hard enough to those guys, eh girls?

Because I’m going to talk about YOU now, ladies, and how to pull in the guy who takes your fancy, and KEEP him.


The secret’s not quite the same for you, of course, as it is for the men.

Because men are different, aren’t they? (All right, I’m not going to talk about the birds and the bees here. I take it you know all that stuff by now:)

But they’re different psychologically as well (all right, no more long words, I promise you). But you know what I mean, huh?


Now here’s the secret for you gals.

Just as you need to feel APPRECIATED by your fella, your fella needs to feel ADMIRED by you.

So how can you let him know that you admire him?

Well, it’s not by looking up at him, gazing into his eyes, and whispering, “Hey, Jack, I SOOOO admire you!”

Nope. Doesn’t sound like that would work, does it? In fact most guys would start to panic if you did that to them (hey, maybe that would be a good ploy to rid yourself of a fella giving you some unwanted attention – lol).

But seriously, now. You need to let him know it by way of what is called


Because you DO admire him, don’t you? Otherwise you wouldn’t be seeking to attract him to you, to start dating him, would you? Not if you didn’t admire him in the first place, apart from anything else.

So let him know by giving him little looks whenever the opportunity presents itself, by always being there for him, defending him against any criticism when he needs some help, and so on. As long as you really DO admire him, he’ll get the message all right, so don’t worry.

Much of this depends on what kind of gal you are and what kind of guy he is, but you get my point, don’t you?

And much of what I just told the fellas applies to you too, i.e.
. . .

Don’t talk about yourself all the time unless he’s encouraging you to
Don’t be self-centred
Don’t be over possessive
DO make sure he enjoys your company.

And if you can just do that you probably won’t have to worry about anything else. It will all fall into place.

And one last thing to both you guys and gals . . .


This little secret you’ve just learned can be used not only to attract the man or woman of your dreams, and keep him/her.

It can be used whenever you’re dealing with other people.

Yes, really. Think about it. If you get people to like you it gives you tremendous power. If you show the little people, the ordinary working folk, that you care about them, that you would put yourself out to get them a better deal or make their day a little bit easier, then, guess what . . .

They’ll go out of their way to make your day easier, too.

And when you’re being interviewed for that job you desperately want . . .

Make sure you get them to LIKE you. Smile, and show an interest in them as persons. So even if you don’t have all the qualifications and whatnots the other job applicants have, you’ll probably get the job . . .

Because they LIKE you.

Learn this secret, and I promise you, countless doors will be opened up in your life.

Everything will be a thousand times easier.

* You’ll have the man or woman of your dreams.
* You’ll have the career or business of your dreams.
* And as for money, well, you’ll have as much of it as you ever want or need.

Just remember this secret from now on. And put it into practice!

Go on now, get away with you!

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Done that? Yeah? Good. It’s so easy to put this secret to work if you just make the effort and believe in yourself. Do good to others, as they say, and some of them will do enough good to you to make it all worthwhile.

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